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jwiffle1 Route Detail
C & O Canal
568.46 mi at 9.84 mi/h
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Sun, Apr 24, 2016 - 24.80 mi [Cycling] Details
24.80 mi in 02:22:16 hours at 10.46 mi/h on Niner RLT 9. [Cycling] W/Vanessa, Benji, and Teresa. We started from Shepherdstown and headed to Harpers Ferry for ice cream. Teresa got cold on the way and so a little fussy, even though it was 70* out. But she was happy when we got to town and got ice cream! Benji and I then headed back to Shepherdstown for the Jeep to drive back to pick up Vanessa and Teresa. Beautiful day and a great time with the whole family.
Sun, Aug 16, 2015 - 25.70 mi [Cycling] Details
25.70 mi in 02:19:43 hours at 11.04 mi/h on Surly Cross-Check. [Cycling] W/Benji and Teresa. From Shepherdstown to Harpers Ferry and back. Had lunch and ice cream at Harper's Ferry. Great day, and we had a fun time.
Sun, Jun 22, 2014 - 15.88 mi [Cycling] Details
15.88 mi in 02:16:23 hours at 6.99 mi/h on Surly Cross-Check. [Cycling] Shop ride. Only had one rider, Nancy, join us, so it was Vanessa, Benji, Teresa, and I along with mom for the ride. Rode from Brunswick to Harper Ferry, walked into town for some ice cream and then returned. Weather was great, and it was a fun relaxing ride.
Tags:family shop
Sat, Oct 13, 2012 - 10.12 mi [Cycling]
10.12 mi on Surly Cross-Check. [Cycling] Took Benji and Teresa on the newly fixed section (big slackwater) of the towpath. Nice to get out and ride.
Fri, Jun 8, 2012 - 100.15 mi [Cycling]
100.15 mi in 10:38:00 hours at 9.42 mi/h on Surly Cross-Check. [Cycling] W/ Benji and Kris.
Benji rode his first century! A beautiful day, we started early, 8:30 am at Point of Rocks. We started out at a decent speed,just over 10 mph for the first couple hours, stopping every hour for a break and snack. Then Kris started to tire, so we slowed a little. We continued westward as far as the detour, then turned around. On our way, we stopped to explore a couple caves; we saw a few others we'll have to explore another time. We finally pulled into Shepherdstown for lunch just after 4pm, having completed 52 miles so far.

I realized it was going to be really late by the time we finished, and Benji wouldn't get his century in at this pace, so after lunch, we zipped on ahead with the plan to turn around at the cars 25 miles away, and come back to Kris. The extra miles would get us to the 100 (Kris would finish with 78 mi.)

We then went along at a pretty good clip; our average had dropped to 9 mph, but now we hardly stopped and trucked along at 12 mph. We got to the car just after 7pm, ate a snack and turned around. Started getting worried when we had traveled over 10 miles back without running into Kris. I stopped to call him, but then he came rolling up. Turns out he had been slowed down by a flat and I had the pump; he finally had been able to borrow one.

Got dark on the way to the car, but I had my lights, so we worked our way back, finally getting back to the vehicles a few minutes after 10. It was a long day, but Benji enjoyed it, never complained, and he completed his first 100 mile ride. And we couldn't have asked God for better weather: cloudless, warm but not hot, low humidity, rain the night before was enough to keep the trail from being dusty, but not enough to make it wet (dry except a very few damp spots), beautiful!
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