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jwiffle1 Route Detail
C & O Canal
517.96 mi at 9.74 mi/h
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Sun, Jun 22, 2014 - 15.88 mi [Cycling] Details
15.88 mi in 02:16:23 hours at 6.99 mi/h on Surly Cross-Check. [Cycling] Shop ride. Only had one rider, Nancy, join us, so it was Vanessa, Benji, Teresa, and I along with mom for the ride. Rode from Brunswick to Harper Ferry, walked into town for some ice cream and then returned. Weather was great, and it was a fun relaxing ride.
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Sat, Oct 13, 2012 - 10.12 mi [Cycling]
10.12 mi on Surly Cross-Check. [Cycling] Took Benji and Teresa on the newly fixed section (big slackwater) of the towpath. Nice to get out and ride.
Fri, Jun 8, 2012 - 100.15 mi [Cycling]
100.15 mi in 10:38:00 hours at 9.42 mi/h on Surly Cross-Check. [Cycling] W/ Benji and Kris.
Benji rode his first century! A beautiful day, we started early, 8:30 am at Point of Rocks. We started out at a decent speed,just over 10 mph for the first couple hours, stopping every hour for a break and snack. Then Kris started to tire, so we slowed a little. We continued westward as far as the detour, then turned around. On our way, we stopped to explore a couple caves; we saw a few others we'll have to explore another time. We finally pulled into Shepherdstown for lunch just after 4pm, having completed 52 miles so far.

I realized it was going to be really late by the time we finished, and Benji wouldn't get his century in at this pace, so after lunch, we zipped on ahead with the plan to turn around at the cars 25 miles away, and come back to Kris. The extra miles would get us to the 100 (Kris would finish with 78 mi.)

We then went along at a pretty good clip; our average had dropped to 9 mph, but now we hardly stopped and trucked along at 12 mph. We got to the car just after 7pm, ate a snack and turned around. Started getting worried when we had traveled over 10 miles back without running into Kris. I stopped to call him, but then he came rolling up. Turns out he had been slowed down by a flat and I had the pump; he finally had been able to borrow one.

Got dark on the way to the car, but I had my lights, so we worked our way back, finally getting back to the vehicles a few minutes after 10. It was a long day, but Benji enjoyed it, never complained, and he completed his first 100 mile ride. And we couldn't have asked God for better weather: cloudless, warm but not hot, low humidity, rain the night before was enough to keep the trail from being dusty, but not enough to make it wet (dry except a very few damp spots), beautiful!
Tue, Apr 10, 2012 - 21.24 mi [Cycling] Details
21.24 mi in 02:20:31 hours at 9.07 mi/h on Surly Cross-Check. [Cycling] Chilly this morning - phone said 38* at 7 am. But warmed up pretty quickly, and we were packed up and back on the trail by 9 am.

Fairly worn from yesterday's long ride, so we didn't attack the way home with the same pace. But we rolled along, enjoying the beauty of the day and of God's wonderful creation. Had to take a lot of stops to rest, plus my knee started to bother me.

Then my bike starting making funny sounds, upon which I discovered my rear wheel was acting up. Freehub was seizing, and the hub was coming loose. Multi-tool doesn't really have the tools for those problems! Limped along, but made it to the car eventually.

Did make a short side trip to pick some hot chocolate up for Benji at the little Southern States store next tot the Pooles General store. Finished with another 21.24 miles under our belts for a total of 79.53 miles! Benji's spedometer read more than mine, and finished with 80.25.

All in all another great trip, and I'm really thankful that for this time I get to spend with Benji. Finished up by stopping at Mama Lucci's for some gyros before heading home.
Mon, Apr 9, 2012 - 58.29 mi [Cycling] Details
58.29 mi in 05:56:26 hours at 9.81 mi/h on Surly Cross-Check. [Cycling] Benji's and my first bikamping trip of the year Set out from White's Ferry with the plan of heading east about 20 miiles and setting up camp at Swain's Lock, then doing some extra riding from there. This was the first time using Pete's BOB trailer, and man was it nice. No more lost panniers!

The day was beautiful, if just a little cool. Just getting over a pretty bad cold, but felt well enough, just stuffy. Anyway, the ride was really nice and fast. Benji really picked up the pace from previous trips! We averaged 11.8 mph to the campsite. Lot of locks to stop and look at along the way. Noticed that some of the lock houses are actually available for rent; might have to try that someday.

Got to the campsite in record time, actually earlier than I expected. After setting up camp, we continued on, with the plan of trying to make it all the way into Georgetown, 16 miles away. Great Falls was the next stop, though, and it was gorgeous (pun intended!), where we watched the water cascading through the rocks and hiked the boardwalk and saw plenty of wildlife: herons and other birds.

Saw some more locks, a river boat you can get a ride on, then watched Benji ride no handed very well on a section of paved trail alongside the C & O.

Finally made it into Georgetown, and got to take a pic at the mile marker Zero post. Then headed back up the trail. Pulled off at Cabin John with the plan of stopping at a Pizza Hut for dinner that I found listed in the phone. Turned out it was gone, but a lady directed us to Glen Echo Pizza, a little take-out joint. Decent, and bought some Peruvian cola there.

On way back, attempted a section of the Billy Goat trail that was off to the side. A bit tough for Benji and some rocky sections I had to walk on the CX bike (crashed on the first rocky downhill!)

Finally made it back to the campsite a few minutes after dark. Made a campfire and roasted marshmallows, so we settled in for a nice evening. 58.29 miles for this day! Benji's first half-century!
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