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sbarner Bike Detail
Klein Q-Pro
5198.39 mi at 16.84 mi/h
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Mon, Aug 27, 2018 - 20.38 mi [Cycling] Details
20.38 mi in 01:05:20 hours at 18.72 mi/h on Klein Q-Pro. [Cycling] 70 degrees. Beautiful morning to ride. (4)
Route Commute
Sun, Aug 5, 2018 - 102.50 mi [Cycling] Details
102.50 mi in 06:32:00 hours at 15.69 mi/h on Klein Q-Pro. [Cycling] 64, 90 degrees and humid. Rode to Waitsfield via Waterbury to join the GMBC VP ride, which was doing the old Mad River Century route. Rode with them to Roxbury, then split off to take Roxbury Gap back to Waitsfield. The climb in the heat was tough, convincing me that following it up with App Gap was definitely not a good plan, so I went back the way I came. I still ended up with some solid leg cramps both on the ride (after the gap) and for a couple hours afterwards. One rider hit a piece of wood south of Montpelier and went down hard. He ended up with a good case of road rash but his carbon bike completely lost its right seatstay. It was still barely rideable, so he headed back the 25 miles to the start. (40)
Sun, Jun 10, 2018 - 155.55 mi [Cycling] Details
155.55 mi in 09:56:00 hours at 15.66 mi/h on Klein Q-Pro. [Cycling] 55, 66 degrees. Northern 100/200 pre-ride. Detoured onto Battle Run Rd in Hyde Park, Mines Rd in Eden, and crossed the border at North Troy, entering again at Richford. I had hoped to follow the river to avoid the climb over Jay, but the e. Richford US Customs was closed, so I had to continue to Richford, which involved a long, steep climb and descent. Still easier than Jay, though. Returned via 108 and Pleasant Valley Rd, with a welcome tailwind. Continued through Richmond to Dugway, in order to get in a few more climbs. Beautiful day. (24)
Mon, Apr 23, 2018 - 144.00 mi [Cycling] Details
144.00 mi in 09:08:00 hours at 15.77 mi/h on Klein Q-Pro. [Cycling] 50 - low 60s. Montpelier, VT-12 to Bethel, over to Brandon Gap, then back through Monkton. Fine, early season ride. Bonked after Brandon Gap, but got it back and felt fine most of the ride. (9)
Fri, Aug 25, 2017 - 45.83 mi [Cycling] Details
45.83 mi in 02:44:00 hours at 16.77 mi/h on Klein Q-Pro. [Cycling] 45, 60 degrees. Rode back with Philip and took the Swamp Rd and Dugway so I could pick up some corn in Huntington. (9)
Route Long Way Home
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Service Record
Date Odometer Distance
Mon, Jul 8, 2013 3063.00 2134.68 Edit Remove
Replaced rear Tufo tire, which had lasted a healthy 3200+ miles, as I had used the wheels on another bike as well. I'm going to have to replace the rim soon, too, as it has cracks at at least spoke holes,