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sbarner Bike Detail
Dave Moulton Fuso FR1
400.94 mi at 17.50 mi/h
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Wed, Jun 14, 2017 - 57.27 mi [Cycling] Details
57.27 mi in 03:23:00 hours at 16.93 mi/h on Dave Moulton Fuso FR1. [Cycling] 45, 65 degrees. Sweet day. Rode back through Malletts Bay and then into Richmond, as Nashville Rd was pretty bumpy yesterday to tackle on sewups. (28)
Route Commute
Wed, Jul 30, 2014 - 50.00 mi [Cycling] Details
50.00 mi in 02:54:00 hours at 17.24 mi/h on Dave Moulton Fuso FR1. [Cycling] Mid-60s, beautiful weather for a ride with the Tuesday evening GMBC group. Kevin, David, John, Meghan, and Steve G. made for a good group. Picked up Andre in Huntington and he stayed with us for awhile. Picked up a new rider named Justin at the stop sign and he rode with us for the rest of the ride. Top of the Gap and back. Sweet. (17)
Route App Gap Out & Back
Tue, Aug 6, 2013 - 43.33 mi [Cycling] Details
43.33 mi in 02:12:00 hours at 19.70 mi/h on Dave Moulton Fuso FR1. [Cycling] 68 degrees. GMBC Tuesday evening ride. Only three other riders showed up, as there was a make-up time trial in Charlotte that sucked the regulars away. Craig S. was one of the riders, so that was good. We kept up a fast pace, considering we rode a fair amount of dirt, skirting road construction. Rode out to the stop sign at 17 and back via Hollow / North Rd (10)
Wed, Oct 24, 2012 - 48.50 mi [Cycling] Details
48.50 mi in 02:46:00 hours at 17.53 mi/h on Dave Moulton Fuso FR1. [Cycling] 30 / 54 degrees. Another great day to ride. Met up with the GMBC boys for a few miles at the beginning of their Wednesday evening ride, then left them to go over Texas Hill Rd for the first time in decades. Steep, but not as bad as I remembered it. It was a great choice. Met up with Gene Bell on Huntington Rd. The moon is getting nice. (13)
Route Long Way Home
Tue, Jul 31, 2012 - 53.58 mi [Cycling] Details
53.58 mi in 03:16:52 hours at 16.33 mi/h on Dave Moulton Fuso FR1. [Cycling] Morning App Gap ride, returning via Nashville Rd. (8)
Route App Gap Out & Back
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