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sbarner Bike Detail
Specialized Deja Two Tandem
148.37 mi at 12.40 mi/h
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Thu, Jul 31, 2014 - 15.97 mi [Cycling] Details
15.97 mi in 01:42:00 hours at 9.39 mi/h on Specialized Deja Two Tandem. [Cycling] Mounted up some fat knobbies on the Deja Tu and went off-road on the Mobbs Farm trails. The old mountain bike skills came back for both of us, albeit slowly--we used lots of caution on the really challenging stuff. Tandems climb amazingly well off-road and we went up some stuff that really surprised me. Total traction, and Jeanne surprised me multiple times by insisting we could make it up some very steep climbs. While the ground clearance makes it challenging on lumpy stuff, and it can be tight getting around tight turns, long bikes are also amazingly stable going downhill; you are not going to endo. We didn't go terribly long, but got a good workout and will definitely try it again. On smoother trails, it would be a total hoot. (1)
Fri, Jul 26, 2013 - 12.07 mi [Cycling] Details
12.07 mi in 01:20:00 hours at 9.05 mi/h on Specialized Deja Two Tandem. [Cycling] Beautiful evening for the July Burlington Bike Party. We dressed up the tandem with lots of glow sticks and extra lights and had fun with 20 or so other riders.
Tags:road tandem
Sat, Apr 27, 2013 - 9.93 mi [Cycling] Details
9.93 mi in 00:47:00 hours at 12.68 mi/h on Specialized Deja Two Tandem. [Cycling] Short ride to the top of Notch Rd on a nice, spring afternoon. (1)
Tags:road tandem
Fri, Jul 27, 2012 - 27.90 mi [Cycling] Details
27.90 mi in 01:57:00 hours at 14.31 mi/h on Specialized Deja Two Tandem. [Cycling] Upper 70s. Dirt road fun ride on the MTB tandem. Lost Nation, Rollin Irish, Old Stage, Woods Hollow Rds in Essex. Nice ride. (3)
Tags:road tandem
Thu, Jul 14, 2011 - 16.00 mi [Cycling] Details
16.00 mi in 01:16:00 hours at 12.63 mi/h on Specialized Deja Two Tandem. [Cycling] 70 degrees. Afternoon dirt ride to Fitzsimmons Rd. Tried some of the Mobbs Woods trails, but didn't really have the right tires on the tandem for that sort of thing, so had to do a lot of pushing through the woods. It was fun, though.
Tags:road tandem
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