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Tue 8/9 7:35am UTC: downloading ALL data vorsprung Devon, UK
How do I download all the data, including which bike I used for each ride?
Mon 8/8 3:29pm UTC: a little difficult for several days ibex melbourne
It's been up and down for several days - keep trying eventually you get on.
Sun 8/7 6:11pm UTC: a little difficulty on the weekend DNAtsol Winston-Salem
Site seemed to be down Saturday but no problems today. Figured Mikwat was doing maintenance on the site and didn't give it another thought. Am I wrong?
Sun 8/7 4:09pm UTC: OHHD OHHD LaSalle, ON, Canada
Is anyone having problems with site? It keep telling me can not find site and twice it shut down on me. I have tried 2 different computers with same things happening
Wed 8/3 7:19pm UTC: Discussion Alvinmaxwell washington, nc
Thank you, Keep it about biking.
Sat 7/16 9:29am UTC: Help TommieBrock Kannapolis, North Carolina
Is there anyway to STOP all the crap being wriiten in this area??? HELP???
Tue 7/12 5:19pm UTC: Cycling Log TommieBrock Kannapolis, North Carolina
I wish we could keep all the information on Cycling Log cycling related . I think some have lost sight of why we do this. Just saying.....
Wed 7/6 6:29am UTC: commute co2 ianxm Jessup, MD
I noticed that a lot of people tag their rides 'commute' but not 'co2.' Does that mean the co2 highlights on the front page are off?
Tue 6/28 6:51am UTC: still going poppyride Dade City FL USA
road 63 mi this month, now on vacation but promise to ride again at end of month
Mon 6/27 8:13pm UTC: Spam Napalm Newcastle
How do we stop it on MCL?
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