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Mon 5/26 7:31pm UTC: MORE ABOUT EATING DelaneRouse Alexandria, VA
The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that your pre-ride snack leave you neither hungry nor with undigested food in your stomach. That sounds obvious, but the practical message is that you need food that's low in fat and fiber so it digests quickly and easily, is high in carbohydrates to maintain blood glucose and maximize glycogen stores, and has a moderate protein content.

That means food eaten before a race or hard ride should be light and bland-instant oatmeal, bagels, granola, bananas, toast with honey-so it's easily digested and out of your stomach before you hit the road. When you ride full force, your stomach is only getting about 20% of the blood flow it needs for digestion, so you can't as easily digest fatty food such as lasagna.

Also, avoid acidic foods and beverages, such as citrus fruit and coffee, which can disrupt digestion and may make you sick on a ride. If you're heading off for a short, intense race like a time trial or a criterium, eat lighter and allow more time between chow and pedaling. If your effort will be longer and slower, like a century ride, you can eat more.
Mon 5/26 7:22pm UTC: Eat? DelaneRouse Alexandria, VA
Michie eats egg mcmuffins and drinks a large sweetened tea. He also has chili cheese dogs and fries during the ride. Seriously.
Sun 5/4 5:43am UTC: Diet and Hydration slyjackson1 Bryans Road MD
Ok guys, what do you do for a pre ride diet. in other words if you have a ride on Saturday, what should one eat/drink on friday to pepare for saturdays ride.? and what do you eat saturday morning before heading out to the start point of the ride?

Thanks in advance,


Wed 4/9 6:15pm UTC: Hey DelaneRouse Alexandria, VA
I just wanted to be the first to post here...