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Group View: ride it like you stole it Statistics since Jan 1, 2018
A bunch of Vermont educators who commute to work whenever we can...year-round.
10 members have ridden 6137.95 mi at 13.24 mi/h
sbarner Bolton, VT 4783.64 mi at 13.23 mi/h
prgvt Hinesburg, Vermont (Group Admin) 1354.31 mi at 15.00 mi/h
KarenB SBHS Unknown distance
kharoot United States Unknown distance
glapierre Williston Unknown distance
psurks Underhill, VT Unknown distance
VTPainter Starksboro, VT Unknown distance
eneedham Essex Junction, VT Unknown distance
hwestern sbsd Unknown distance
downthebigriver South Burlington, VT Unknown distance
Group Highlights
Longest distance in a single ride
06/23/2018 sbarner Bolton, VT
213.60 mi
Overall average speed
13.24 mi/h
Number of rides in last 30 days
Last 7 days
169.69 mi in 08:07:00 hours at 18.06 mi/h
Last 30 days
832.35 mi in 95:00:30 hours at 6.85 mi/h
Since Jan 1, 2018
6137.95 mi in 363:40:14 hours at 13.24 mi/h
Tagged 'co2' since Jan 1, 2018
Distance: 4367.34 mi
CO2 Emissions: 1.57 tons
(based on 24.45 MPG)
Savings: $623.91
(based on 9.45 MP$)