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Group View: ohbike Statistics since Jan 1, 2018
The Oxon Hill Bicycle and Trail Club - recreational rides in Southern Maryland
10 members have ridden 0.00 mi at 0.00 mi/h
DelaneRouse Alexandria, VA Unknown distance
JimHudnall Fort Washington, MD (Group Admin) Unknown distance
Michie Indian Head, MD Unknown distance
JaneHudnall Fort Washington, MD Unknown distance
kjt2011 Deutschland Unknown distance
sperry52 Clinton,MD Unknown distance
Carlita Maryland Unknown distance
Sharon Mechanicsville,MD Unknown distance
akaqueen District Heights, MD Unknown distance
jtgorman Bowie Unknown distance
Group Highlights
Longest distance in a single ride
11/18/2018 jtgorman Bowie
0.00 mi
Overall average speed
0.00 mi/h
Number of rides in last 30 days
Last 7 days
0.00 mi
Last 30 days
0.00 mi
Since Jan 1, 2018
0.00 mi
Tagged 'co2' since Jan 1, 2018
Distance: 0.00 mi
CO2 Emissions: 0 tons
(based on 0.00 MPG)
Savings: $0.00
(based on 0.00 MP$)