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Group View: CC Ecosse Statistics since Jan 1, 2017
34 members have ridden 45223.84 mi at 14.32 mi/h
eck Scotland 8177.00 mi at 14.52 mi/h
HLaB Peterborough, Cambridgeshire 6778.04 mi at 16.64 mi/h
ijm770 Fife 6365.00 mi at 17.01 mi/h
telemark Edinburgh, Scotland 4680.86 mi
ACS St Andrews, Fife 4240.70 mi at 13.88 mi/h
fubar Dunfermline 3734.24 mi at 13.82 mi/h
hungris Scotland 3319.63 mi at 12.82 mi/h
Pat5mph Glasgow 2966.99 mi at 9.29 mi/h
Strathlubnaig Auchterarder 2618.52 mi at 16.25 mi/h
wickerman Stornoway 2223.78 mi at 13.55 mi/h
snorri Scotland 85.88 mi
Col5632 Scotland 33.21 mi at 11.88 mi/h
marooncat Scotland Unknown distance
Nebulous Scotland Unknown distance
gavintc Napoli, Italy Unknown distance
MattHB Dorset, UK Unknown distance
Waspie Lothian, Scotland Unknown distance
Touche Edinburgh Unknown distance
edindave Edinburgh Unknown distance
peng33 Leith, Edinburgh Unknown distance
fin Scotland Unknown distance
cattywat cat land Unknown distance
Mo1959 Crieff, Scotland Unknown distance
Grahme Cumbernauld Unknown distance
Harry_Palmer79 Glasgow Unknown distance
Coco Scotland (Group Admin) Unknown distance
magnatom Torrance, Scotland Unknown distance
r0bbti scotland Unknown distance
primalgeek Livingston Unknown distance
viniga Scotland Unknown distance
aber_al Edinburgh Unknown distance
Scoosh Scotland's capital Unknown distance
kev6338 Inverness Unknown distance
rhaugstrup Bristol Unknown distance
Group Highlights
Longest distance in a single ride
04/14/2017 eck Scotland
269.22 mi
Overall average speed
14.32 mi/h
Number of rides in last 30 days
Last 7 days
759.56 mi in 51:51:33 hours at 14.51 mi/h
Last 30 days
4474.32 mi in 278:48:05 hours at 14.55 mi/h
Since Jan 1, 2017
45223.84 mi in 838:59:59 hours at 14.32 mi/h
Tagged 'co2' since Jan 1, 2017
Distance: 82.01 mi
CO2 Emissions: 0.03 tons
(based on 21.00 MPG)
Savings: $11.89
(based on 6.90 MP$)