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Alexandria, VA
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Sun, Sep 12, 2010 - 102.04 mi [Cycling] Details
102.04 mi in 06:54:49 hours at 14.76 mi/h on BMC SLX01. [Cycling] Today's IH 100 mile ride was the best yet because of the great company and teamwork throughout the ride (see last paragraph). Had the pleasure of rolling with my XTRANORMAL buddies (Kenisha and John). Kenisha and Herman completed their FIRST CENTURY rides today!!!

Now, on the the bad group had at least 10 flat tires throughout the day. It was the worst. At one point we had 3 flats in less than a mile. I had 3, Herman had 3...ARRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!
Mon, Sep 6, 2010 - 61.72 mi [Cycling] Details
61.72 mi in 03:54:56 hours at 15.76 mi/h on BMC SLX01. [Cycling] There were 17 of us on today's ride...and most importantly we had CAKE and other junk food at the end of the ride! Thanks (AGAIN) to Janell...

Ride was pretty easy, and I bested my 15.1 AMS from 2009 year (and 13.6 from 2007). I should be ready for the Southern Maryland Century this coming Sunday.
Sun, Sep 5, 2010 - 33.63 mi [Cycling] Details
33.63 mi in 02:04:53 hours at 16.16 mi/h on BMC SLX01. [Cycling] I "thought" I was going on a 33 mile ride with a little cook-out at Janell Saunders lovely home.

Not so much.

It ended up being a surprise "babies shower" hosted by my cycling club!!!
While ALL the well wishes and gifts are greatly appreciated...the "headliner" was a gift card from REI towards the purchase of a SWEET BABY BIKE TRAILER/STROLLER!

Our Oxon Hill Bicycle and Trail Club friends are the best!!!

The entire club was in on the plan, which included a little trickeration from my wife and Kenisha Scott Clark.

We can't thank all of you enough!!!
Thu, Aug 26, 2010 - 21.78 mi [Cycling] Details
21.78 mi in 01:24:18 hours at 15.50 mi/h on BMC SLX01. [Cycling] This was the first time I did the PPTC Belle Haven's a nice ride. All the warnings about getting into Ft. Hunt were TRUE. It's a hammer fest from the time you hit the entrance...I sprinted up to 28-29 mph and still got dropped 1/2 way around that loop.

Could I have held on...maybe.

I'll be out of town next week so it'll be a few weeks before I can even make it back out there.
Wed, Aug 25, 2010 - 16.34 mi [Cycling] Details
16.34 mi in 00:56:47 hours at 17.27 mi/h on BMC SLX01. [Cycling] Arrrrgggghhhh...since I didn't push it on the way up from the river I ended up with my 2nd best AMS (17.3 mph today, did 17.4 in Aug 07) EVER on this short but sweet ride.

Ron pushed me out of my comfort zone and Shane was off the front crushing everyone else on the ride. But I feel like I have my legs and lungs back. Spent 16 min 51 sec in Zone 5 and 17 min 56 sec in Zone 4 with only 1 min 11 sec in Zone 3. I'll take that anytime.

Got my max HR up to 191 today...that's the highest I've ever recored.
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