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Athens, Alabama, USA
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Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 26.38 mi [Cycling] Details
26.38 mi in 01:35:57 hours at 16.50 mi/h on Cinelli Very Best Of. [Cycling] Surges on Copeland Hill- 6 x 1 min Surge x 5 min Rest - The hill was barely long enough to get in 1 minute surges, but it worked out OK. I did much better with much higher power on this workout type outdoors on a hill compared to what I did on the trainer. It was a really nice bright cool evening. I had a flat toward the end of the warm-up, so there was a several minute pause in there. Links:
Tue, Mar 13, 2018 - 34.26 mi [Cycling] Details
34.26 mi in 01:45:38 hours at 19.46 mi/h on Cinelli Very Best Of. [Cycling] Kreme Delite Krusher - Gloriously Krushed - It's Krusher Time!!! (now the time has changed) It takes me a long to warm up and this ride took off quickly on a cold evening. So...between that and me making a bad move that got me hung out in the wind, I was dropped at 5 miles. But, I worked hard and made the re-group at Elkmont. I had a good run from the top of Morris to Elkmont - high power TT. Later, I got dropped just before Sonny's intersection on the run-in. I had an even stronger TT on the last half of the run-in. So, even though I got thrown off a couple times, I am please with my TT power performance end endurance on those today (after I got warmed up). Apparently, it takes me an hour or hour and a half to warm up. Links:
Mon, Mar 12, 2018 - 2.70 mi [Cycling] Details
2.70 mi in 00:10:00 hours at 16.20 mi/h on Any Other Stationary. [Cycling] Warmup Before Weights
Sun, Mar 11, 2018 - 83.73 mi [Cycling] Details
83.73 mi in 05:17:09 hours at 15.84 mi/h on Cinelli Very Best Of. [Cycling] A Brief Meditation on Rule 9 with Heart Rate and Cadence Discipline - An endurance day, focusing on staying within certain heart rate and cadence ranges, as well as food and hydration. I had to back off the power just a bit at about the 3h20m point to keep HR below max target. At the 4h point, I had to back off a good bit more. I handled my food intake well - Hammer Gels and a Hammer Bar. I probably could have used more water and electrolytes. I forgot to take any money, so I had to ration and scrounge for water. I ended up using only 3 bottles. Typically, I would have used at least 4 bottles on a ride of this duration. I had some of my cold-weather urination issues due to BPH. I had to stop 3 times to pee, plus a planned pee/water stop - so 4 pee events in all. This is problematic. I typically have less of this in warmer weather - hoping that holds this year, as well. The weather was not pleasant, but I really wanted to get outside. It rained on me only the first hour, but left me wet the whole ride - so, a bit cool, but not too bad. I wore multiple layers, but never removed anything. I did note my quads had a noticeable pink hue when I got home. Links:
Fri, Mar 9, 2018 - 2.70 mi [Cycling]
2.70 mi in 00:10:00 hours at 16.20 mi/h on Any Other Stationary. [Cycling] Warmup Before Weights
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