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jwiffle1 Route Detail
C & O Canal
628.52 mi at 9.84 mi/h
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Sun, Oct 9, 2016 - 31.10 mi [Cycling] Details
31.10 mi on Niner RLT 9. [Cycling] We woke up to fairly clear skies, and it was really nice with the sun! Had breakfast and a devotion, got packed up and headed down the trail. We rode from Paw Paw to Little Orleans. Going through the tunnel was cool. Though a little drier than yesterday, we still managed to get very muddy! Once at Little Orleans, while the others packed up the van, Benji and I said our goodbyes to the group and headed back to Paw Paw to get back to our Jeep. We rode pretty fast and made decent time on the way back.
All in all, a very fun trip!
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 - 28.96 mi [Cycling]
28.96 mi on Niner RLT 9. [Cycling] With Chapelgate's Christian Service Brigade. We rode from Cumberland to Paw Paw. Rained all the way on the drive to Cumberland, but let up just before we got there, so we didn't actually ride in rain. But very muddy! Got to Paw Paw, rain came off and on as we set up and got dinner going. Kid's all had a good time and Benji seemed to fit right in. Rain stopped for good before we went to bed.
Sun, Apr 24, 2016 - 24.80 mi [Cycling] Details
24.80 mi in 02:22:16 hours at 10.46 mi/h on Niner RLT 9. [Cycling] W/Vanessa, Benji, and Teresa. We started from Shepherdstown and headed to Harpers Ferry for ice cream. Teresa got cold on the way and so a little fussy, even though it was 70* out. But she was happy when we got to town and got ice cream! Benji and I then headed back to Shepherdstown for the Jeep to drive back to pick up Vanessa and Teresa. Beautiful day and a great time with the whole family.
Sun, Aug 16, 2015 - 25.70 mi [Cycling] Details
25.70 mi in 02:19:43 hours at 11.04 mi/h on Surly Cross-Check. [Cycling] W/Benji and Teresa. From Shepherdstown to Harpers Ferry and back. Had lunch and ice cream at Harper's Ferry. Great day, and we had a fun time.
Sun, Jun 22, 2014 - 15.88 mi [Cycling] Details
15.88 mi in 02:16:23 hours at 6.99 mi/h on Surly Cross-Check. [Cycling] Shop ride. Only had one rider, Nancy, join us, so it was Vanessa, Benji, Teresa, and I along with mom for the ride. Rode from Brunswick to Harper Ferry, walked into town for some ice cream and then returned. Weather was great, and it was a fun relaxing ride.
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